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Eco Friendly & Reduces Pool Running Costs

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  • Eco Friendly & Reduces Pool Running Costs
  • Owning a Dolphin Robot can save you up to $500 a year in pool running costs! All this, while saving the environment as well!

    Lower your Carbon Footprint

    Dolphins save power by operating and filtering inside the pool. They are completely independent of the pools main filtration system. The great benefit of this is that water does not have to be pumped all the way to the filter pump, through bends, elbows it can be filtered in the pool – saving all the power to hydraulically move the water. This is supported by independent studies by Electrical Companies that have shown that savings can be up to $500 per annum (even after the small running cost of a Robot is taken into account). Note – pool filtration is still needed – just not to the same level required when other cleaners are used.

    Save Water

    Because Dolphins filter in the water, they remove the debris from the pool system. This in turn means that the main pool filter unit does not become clogged as quickly, which results in fewer backwashes. Estimates are that backwashing is reduced by up to 30% when using robots compared to all other cleaning methods.

    Save on Chemicals

    Dolphins help to reduce chemical requirements. In Australia, the vast majority of pools have suction cleaners that are permanently in the pool and connected. In this circumstance, the skimmer is completely ineffective – the result is that all debris landing on the surface must slowly go through the water before eventually being collected and then held in the system until the next backwash. This organic matter requires chemicals to control – but with a Dolphin – the pool’s skimmer starts working again! And around half of all organic matter is removed from the system – all this saves you and the environment from unnecessary chemicals!